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The great silence: Looting in the event of a flood disaster

Who? When? Where? What? The four classic "Ws" of journalism no longer count.

The latest example: the looting after the floods in North Rhine-Westphalia. A request from the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament brought to light what the journalistic multicultural company of West German Broadcasting would have liked to keep under the covers: at least eighty percent of the 145 suspects identified are foreigners, above all Romanian citizens. 22 (!) Other citizenships include Syrians, Moroccans, Iranians, Iraqis and Lebanese.

Memories of New Year's Eve 2015
The whole thing is reminiscent of New Year's Eve 2015, when the WDR ignored what was happening on Cologne for days. And as in the past, citizens who made early reference to the origin of the perpetrators on social media were branded as racists and agitators. There was also no extensive media coverage of the topic over the weekend.

What the journalistic people's educators have also mastered perfectly became apparent a year ago. When chats with North Rhine-Westphalian police officers hit the headlines, the WDR couldn't speculate fast enough about “right-wing extremist networks” and the “infiltration” of the police. After twelve months of intensive investigation, however, the interior minister's special representative did not find any evidence of this.

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