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Germany: “Funk” warns of “cultural appropriation” and is ridiculed

Stuttgart - The content network “Funk” of ARD and ZDF has received criticism as well as scorn and ridicule for its advice on the subject of “cultural appropriation”. On several display boards on Instagram, the creators had warned, among other things: "Do not disguise yourself as a person of a cultural group. Because racist stereotypes are reflected in these costumes."

Elsewhere, “Funk” pleaded for white people to be aware that they have more privileges than non-white people. "You can only show empathy and solidarity if you deal with it."

Another example of this adoption of foreign cultural characteristics is when a white woman wears braided hairstyles, applies make-up to darken skin or gets her lips thicker. Non-white people would be discriminated against due to these aspects and experience racism.

“Funk” propagates racism itself
These and other indications caused head shakes on social media. “Is it still okay to speak or learn a foreign language?” Asked a user.

Another user asked whether he was only allowed to eat bratwurst with sauerkraut as a result. Another question from the reader's comments was, "Can we please stop treating every little thing as an attack or meanness?"

On the other hand, "Funk" was accused of propagating racism through its content itself, since whites should only live a white culture. That would be pure racism. “So again the purity and separation of cultures ...? Mh, where have I heard that before? "

One user asked the question: “Why shouldn't an Asian woman be able to wear a dirndl? And I don't have a sari at my Indian girlfriend's wedding? "

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