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Youtube deletes German RT channels

Anyone looking for the official German RT channels on YouTube will be unsuccessful. The video platform blocks both channels of the Russian state media. Also because it tried to bypass a temporary ban.

The video platform Youtube has blocked and removed the German channels of the Russian state medium RT. A Youtube spokesman confirmed the termination of two channels in the evening. RT DE also reported on the blocking on its own website.

The editor-in-chief of RT, based in Moscow, Margarita Simonjan, sharply criticized YouTube's move on Twitter and spoke of a "media war". Youtube named this as the reason for the blocking: RT DE had recently been made aware that the state medium had violated the guideline on misinformation in connection with the corona pandemic. In a certain period of time, RT DE would then no longer have been allowed to upload videos to its YouTube channel.

According to YouTube information, the second channel was then used. Youtube spoke of a workaround attempt. Therefore, the banning has now taken place in the early evening. The Russian state medium RT - formerly Russia Today - is actually planning to expand in Germany. A German-language TV program is planned - the start was planned for December. However, there is no broadcasting license for this. An attempt by the Luxembourg authorities failed some time ago. TV providers require a broadcasting license for nationwide programs in Germany.

RT is repeatedly criticized in the West as the Kremlin's propaganda tool. Central allegation: The station spreads conspiracy theories and disinformation on behalf of the Russian state. RT has several foreign language programs in its portfolio. RT DE currently offers online reports in German. The content is distributed via the website and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and so far YouTube.

Source: n-tv
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