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Germany: "Disgusting white majority" - Shitstorm against spokeswoman for the Greens youth

Berlin - The Greens have complained about a shitstorm against the new chairman of their youth organization, Sarah-Lee Heinrich. The reason is statements on social media that she made at the age of 14.

The 20-year-old now wrote on Twitter, among other things: “Someday I'll take a broom and sweep all white people out of Africa.” “Your shoes are gay, my shoes are expensive.” “Jews and Asians are not white people and with Slavs I honestly don't know. "" All men are shit!" She wrote about the protagonist of the TV show "The Bachelor": "And this girl should shut up too #Bachelor. "

Renate Künast, Member of the Green Party, gave her courage via Twitter. "Stay strong and continue in our fight against 'hatespeech' that attempts to destroy this democracy."

"Vulgar tweets" are not a scandal
The leader of the Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt , wrote: “We all make mistakes. You stand by it and apologize. Thanks for that. But also thank you for clearly saying what is, exclusion through poverty, through not being white, through racism or indifference."

The representative of the State of Berlin at the federal government and State Secretary for Civic Engagement, Sawsan Chebli, also jumped at her side. "Many of us know what you are experiencing only too well. Do not let it get you. You are great the way you are."

Heinrich commented on her earlier statements. Her statements at 13 or 14 are sometimes embarrassing and she would prefer it if she hadn't written so much “stuff on the Internet” back then. She felt sorry for some of her tweets today. However, her "a little vulgar tweets" are not a scandal.

Green youth want to lower voting age under 16
She appealed to her subscribers on Twitter: “Measure me and criticize me for my positions and my political work. I'm not going to explain everything that I thought and said when I was 14, I don't ask anyone to do that either."

It was not until the last federal election that the then spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Anna Peters, spoke out in favor of lowering the voting age further. She formulated the goal: “We are committed to debating voting age 0, because in the end 16 is an arbitrary barrier. The best thing would be that you could simply decide for yourself and be allowed to enter yourself in an electoral register."

Heinrich had already come under fire in 2019 when she spoke of a “disgusting white majority society” in connection with the “Fridays for Future” movement. In December 2019, she apologized for the choice of words, but stressed that she would adhere to her "substantive criticism of social conditions".

Chebli: There is no racism against whites
Meanwhile, the statements of the new head of the Green Youth sparked a discussion about racism against whites. Supporters of Heinrich, as the author Jasmina Kuhnke wrote with her stage name "Quattromilf": "There is no racism against whites."

Chebli also insisted on the fact that there was hostility against whites, but that there was no racism.

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