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Left-wing extremists in Berlin: Fire brigade can only work under police protection

The protests and radical left-wing actions against the announced evacuation of the "Köpi" wagon castle are increasing.

On Tuesday morning around 1:20 a.m., tires burned on the so-called village square of the left scene, Rigaer / Liebigstrasse in Friedrichshain.

Crass scenes: the fire brigade could only put out the fire under police protection. The officers protected the emergency services with shields against possible stone-throwing or other attacks.

A police van was massively pelted with stones. No officer was injured.

The police state security will probably start the investigation here, as a banner with reference to the car park on the Köpi was stretched on site, which is to be cleared on October 15th.

At the same time as the fire in Rigaer Strasse / Liebigstrasse, several vehicles from the local public order office in Lichtenberg were set on fire.

The fire brigade put out the vehicles, but most of them were completely burned.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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