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Germany: Greens politician defines himself as a woman and loses a job with a member of parliament

Turmoil about gender assignments among the Greens in Baden-Württemberg. David Allison defined himself as a woman in his district association in Reutlingen in July and ran for a quoted woman position for the board of directors. The background to this step was the women's statute in the basic program of the Greens. This provides that all people have the right to define their gender. Accordingly, it is said, all people are considered women who define themselves in this way.

Plans by the Greens for a “self-determination law” also mean that 14-year-olds can apply for their “gender change” at the registry office. Allison, himself a father of two daughters, expressed concern that men might take advantage of this. He told Emma magazine: "Every 16-year-old schoolboy could define himself as a woman and take the girls' shower."

Transsexual Greens move into the Bundestag
So far, Alison was employed as a research assistant at the Baden-Württemberg Green State MP Cindy Holmberg. After the excitement and coverage of the employee's “gender change”, fired quit him last month. Interviews by Emma she said: "It is true that I have terminated Mr. Allison in September neat. When I personally handed over the notice of termination, I verbally explained the reasons to him. ”Neither Holmberg nor Allison wanted to give the magazine any further details. The Reutlinger Kreisverband and the queer political spokesman for the Greens in the Stuttgart state parliament, Oliver Hildenbrand, also refrained from commenting.

Meanwhile, Nyke Slawik and Tessa Ganserer, two transsexuals, entered the Bundestag for the Greens in the federal election. Ganserer has not yet made any changes to the information in her birth register. There it says “male” as the gender, but Ganserer defines himself as a woman.

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