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Germany: Brandenburg districts have to take in more refugees

In view of the increasing number of illegal entries over the German-Polish border to Brandenburg, the districts have to accept more refugees.

Minister of Social Affairs Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) has informed the districts accordingly, confirmed Dominik Lenz, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs on Saturday. The Märkische Oderzeitung and the Märkische Allgemeine had previously reported. Next Tuesday there will be another switch with State Secretary Michael Ranft.

According to current information from the Federal Police Directorate from mid-week, a total of 1951 unauthorized persons who entered the German-Polish border in the Brandenburg section were found between August and October 5.

Most of the people came from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Yemen and came to Germany from Belarus via Poland and Lithuania. In the previous months of 2021 there were 26 reports.

The district is assuming that the existing accommodations will be full by the end of October, said Waltraud Kuhne, social affairs officer of Ostprignitz-Ruppin, reported the Märkische Allgemeine.

In the meantime, the communal accommodations created in the 2015/16 refugee crisis have been abolished.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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