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Illegal immigration: German government blames Lukashenko

For weeks, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland have been accusing Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of bringing masses of migrants to their national borders in order to put pressure on the European Union in revenge for sanctions. Following the example of Erdogan: Refugees as trump cards in the poker for power and influence.

The German government also accuses Lukashenko of exactly that, according to information from Junge Freiheit, as is evident from a response to a request from AfD MP Leif-Erik Holm. According to this, "the Lukashenko regime actively promotes irregular entry into the EU by allowing citizens of certain countries simplified or visa-free entry into Minsk and supporting their transport to the borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland".

And that's not all: According to the federal government, there are findings "according to which the Lukashenko regime is promoting the establishment and expansion of flight connections from other countries of origin to Belarus".

New high
Current figures from the Federal Police show that such methods have direct consequences for Germany. Since the beginning of the year, the officials at the Polish border have unauthorized entry or smuggled people "in the lower four-digit range" who came illegally via Belarus from Lithuania and Poland to Germany, as the Federal Police Department Berlin announced on Monday.

By October 10, 2,603 ​​illegals had been arrested. Most of them were from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran. "Last weekend from October 8 to 10, 2021 alone, officials took 392 unauthorized people into custody," the federal police said. That is a new weekend high.

From Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, there are increasing reports of migrant groups from Iraq and Iran, which, according to Nordkurier, is leading to growing unrest in the local population.

Holm: Support Poland with border protection
Securing the EU's external borders is therefore a top priority for Holm. "The fact that the government in Minsk, like Erdogan in Turkey, uses migration so specifically and effectively as a weapon against the EU shows once again how important it is to secure the EU's external borders," emphasized the deputy chairman of the AfD parliamentary group Bundestag.

The EU and Germany, however, are also to blame for the fact that they can be blackmailed. "The debate on the distribution of asylum seekers bypassing the Dublin Agreement creates incentives in the first place for economic refugees to set off."

It is all the more important to back up Poland now. The country plays a key role in preventing illegal migration from Belarus. "Instead of harassing the Poles with ever new instructions from Brussels, Germany and the EU would be well advised to give the country massive support in securing the external borders."

By rejecting illegal immigrants, the government in Warsaw is doing exactly what the federal government does not want to get its hands dirty with. "Every migrant that Poland rejects at the external border relieves the German taxpayer."

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