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Inflation in Germany: WDR has some tips to share

Inflation is rising. WDR tv station gives its viewers tips on how to get through the most expensive winter in years. Some things would not have come up on their own.

Consumers are threatened with the most expensive winter in years, according to the WDR on its website. The prices for food, heating, electricity and fuel have increased significantly. Fortunately, the WDR has a few tips in store on how consumers can "defy rising food prices".

It starts with: "One piece of advice is, for example, never go shopping with hunger - you then buy more and much unnecessary." One has the index finger raised almost, if one reads in mind that.

And further: "You can also save by searching digitally for special offers before you go." No problem, you have enough time in everyday life to flip through the online brochures first and look for special offers before you “go”. The butter costs the least at Netto, the milk at Aldi. So: first to Netto, then to Aldi, ideally on foot or by (cargo) bike, because petrol is expensive too - and " harmful to the climate " too.

Very important, so important that the WDR finally even got the imperative out of its good advice and tips box: “Make a shopping list and stick to it strictly. " Yes Mama! Wait a minute: if you follow this rule, you can go shopping with a hungry stomach, right?

It seems that the media and politicians want to gloss over inflation. For example, DIW President Marcel Fratzscher, who is considered close to the government, explains on Twitter that inflation of four percent "is not a problem for the vast majority of people" .

And Katarina Barley (SPD) gives in yesterday's talkshow "Hart aber Fair" broadcast with the title: "Dress warmly - how expensive should heating, fuel and food still be?" Her compassionate advice is: "The cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one that is not used."

That reminds you of the saying that Marie-Antoinette is ascribed to: “let them eat cake.” With the difference that Barley actually uttered her unbelievable sentence.

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