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Irregularities in Berlin: Votes newly counted and Greens win constituency 6 in the City-West

New constituency winner in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf! Due to the tight result in the first votes, constituency 6 was counted again on Friday. The results: Instead of Franziska Becker (SPD), Alexander Kaas Elias (Greens) is now moving directly into the House of Representatives.

The result was very close. Both politicians got 26.5 percent of the vote, just eight more votes made the SPD woman the winner in the constituency in the City-West (Ludwigkirchplatz, Prager Platz, Bundesplatz etc.). Becker received exactly 6,441 and Kaas Elias 6,433 votes.

The public recount began at 9 a.m. on Friday. The new result: Franziska Becker received 6376 votes and Alexander Kaas Elias 6399 votes. The result is just 23 votes ahead for the Greens. The district electoral committee will now make a final decision on October 8th.

The district office was unable to answer the question of how it came about that suddenly a total of 99 votes fewer were counted. In fact, there were apparently irregularities in the 04601 voting area (polling station on Ludwigkirchplatz). There were 498 valid votes, although only 462 Berliners voted there, where the 72 votes come from, nobody knows.

Franziska Becker doesn't have to worry. She will still move into the House of Representatives as the top candidate for the Social Democrats in the district. Alexander Kaas Elias can be happy. He would not have gotten a seat in parliament on the state list.

In Pankow constituency 3, in which Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (The Left) was defeated by only 30 votes from the Greens Oda Hassepaß, the count was already made on Thursday. The district did not announce the result. According to an observer from the Greens, it was a win for Hassepaß, but with only 23 votes.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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