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Germany: 67% of Syrian refugees are on social welfare

Die Zeit published an article about Syrian refugees living in Germany and in it they say that of the more than 800,000 Syrian nationals living in the country, just over 550,000 depend on welfare.

That is, 67% of Syrians living in Germany depend on Hartz IV, while only 6% of Germans receive it. So the newspaper asks "How can that be when Germany urgently needs skilled immigrants?"

A question that should have been asked long before Merkel invited millions of Muslims to the country. However, in Germany politicians and the media act with optimism and unrealism, neglecting a critical vision.

It is estimated that the woman will never work because of the headscarf and children and that's it. Who knows if he will ever be able to support his family without a good job. Most Germans can't do that with just one salary.

As journalist Anabel Schunke points out, this social system is not made for immigrants with many children from Islamic societies, the majority of whom are insufficiently or not at all qualified and for whom the woman often does not work. Germans are happy to pay for it. Even if they then have to refrain from family planning themselves.

Source: Die Zeit/Instagram
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