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Left-wing extremist works as a caretaker for Berlin's special forces

Berlin - The Berlin police have dismissed a left-wing extremist who worked for months as a caretaker at the headquarters of the special forces. The 54-year-old started his work in July in the office that also houses the so-called reconnaissance officers who mingle with demonstrators as civilian officials, reports the Berliner Zeitung.

According to the paper, the man had been caught smoking weed on the premises a few days ago. During the subsequent investigation it turned out that the caretaker is listed in the internal file in the category "Left-wing Politically motivated Crime" ("PMK - Links"). The person concerned was banned from entering the house with immediate effect and terminated.

The left-wing extremist was hired by the state-owned Berlin Immobilienmanagement GmbH. A so-called reliability test is actually carried out there. Why the "PMK - Links" entry was not noticed is unclear.

Police union is outraged
The police union (GdP) was outraged. "We are talking about an office with highly sensitive activities and units for which anonymity is vital," said the Berlin GdP boss Benjamin Jendro to the newspaper.

The incident shows how sketchy the mandatory security check is. "In addition, Berlin's politicians must finally understand that we need our own facility management for the police and other state properties in order to work with our own people, create closer ties and prevent exactly that."

There was a similar case with the Berlin police three years ago. At that time a convicted left-wing extremist was able to move freely in two offices of the criminal investigation department. Eventually two riot police recognized him.

Along with Leipzig, Berlin is one of the hotspots for left-wing extremism in Germany. There are repeated attacks on the police or political opponents.

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