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Marco F. Gallina: We're giving up our culture

Written by Marco F. Gallina for Junge Freiheit.

As a branch of the Turkish religious community Ditib, the Ehrenfeld mosque has the reputation of being close to the Erdoğan regime. Islamic and neo-Ottoman claims to power have entered into a symbiosis there.

That would have been reason enough to take a closer look at the acceptance of the muezzin call in the Cologne district. And: Who guarantees that the one Friday call will not be followed soon by the demand for five times as much as is usual - and ultimately the extension to the whole week?

These are the practical considerations. The principal ones go deeper. Every muezzin call relativizes the claim to a genuinely national or occidental identity. Political elites like Henriette Reker fuel this development with their dangerous cultural indifference.

Not to be compared with church bells
In their tolerance they fail to recognize the foundations on which our legal, social and state order is based. The church bells are part of a centuries-old tradition. It is “ours” and cannot be compared to a flat loudspeaker announcement.

One might object that Christianity has lost its meaning. Islam, however, has not lost its following. Anyone who grants the muezzin reputation a similar position as the origins of Europe really does not only want Islam to belong to Germany; Instead, they open the sky above the rooftops to the imperialist motto that there is “no God but Allah”.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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