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Berlin: Violence escalates during Köpi eviction

With a large contingent police in Berlin prepared on Friday morning for the evacuation of the radical left caravan park "Köpi". The officers are on duty with around 2,000 police officers, including support staff from seven federal states and from the federal police. In the early morning some supporters of the caravan park from the left-wing extremist Sezen had gathered around the area in Berlin-Mitte. During the night, several cars burned again in the capital and there were color attacks on houses.
Left-wing extremists in the area have been preparing for house-to-house fighting for days: four-meter-high walls made of metal plates, wooden barricades and NATO barbed wire. As if the autonomous thugs on Köpenicker Strasse were expecting months of siege. The place started to be cleared from 10 a.m. on Friday.

For decades, compliant Berlin politicians have allowed the left-wing extremists here, as well as in Rigaer Strasse 94, to do their thing. Now it's over: The owner of the 2,600 square meter property wants to build on it and has received a building permit for this. And once again the police have to turn their heads for the courteous treatment of the red and green politicians with left-wing criminals and thugs. The taxpayer pays the bill, of course.

Nationwide mobilization
"Make Köpi-Platz day X a disaster," call the left-wing extremists on their Twitter channels to fight. So-called "Mobi-Kommandos" advertise solidarity with the site of the site in Germany. Left, Autonomous, Antifa should fight against the eviction either on site or in Berlin. "I would like to make it very clear once again that we will not give up without a fight, but that we will use everything we have at our disposal to prevent this eviction," the tabloid newspaper BZ quoted a spokeswoman for the occupiers.

These are not hollow phrases. In the night from Monday to Tuesday, three vehicles of the public order office in Berlin-Lichtenberg burned out. The police assume a politically motivated arson attack, the state security is investigating. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the district office in Mitte was attacked. The unknown perpetrators smeared the facade with politically motivated writing “as well as a symbol of anarchism” and the perpetrators tried to break the entrance door, here too the state security is investigating.

Review: The five-storey rear building with two wings at Köpenicker Strasse 137 has been occupied since 1990; the city legalized occupation in 1991. But the house was transferred back if it was to be auctioned off, and the owners went bankrupt. On the large fallow land in front of the house, parking the trailer for residential purposes was tolerated for years, there was also a contract between the owner and the trailer owner, but it ended in 2015. Since August 2015, the owner has asked for it to be returned - but nothing happened. The area, 2,600 square meters in size, is used by the “ski-Verein eV”, whose club address is Köpenicker Straße 137. It is not clear how many people live there in the site trailers. The numbers vary between 30 and 50.

Left scene threatens violence
On June 10, 2021, the Berlin Regional Court ruled: The properties number 133, 134/35 and 136 that have been in use for years are to be “vacated and surrendered immediately”. But instead of removing the trailer from the property, the left holed up. Last Wednesday, the squatters also failed with an urgent application to the higher court to stop the eviction at short notice. Nobody in Berlin believes that the left will peacefully leave the premises by 10 a.m. on Friday. That is why the Berlin police have to provide administrative assistance.

But the left-wing extremists threaten with violence - even after the eviction: “If the court and the politicians carry out this illegal eviction and the car park is cleared on October 15th, there will be a massive demonstration, which the inter-neighborhoods will call for. We will take our anger to the streets together with other projects that are threatened by eviction and criminalization and with countless Berliners and people from all over who identify with our struggle!"

Sources: Junge Freiheit / Bild
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