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Chile: Marxist candidate Gabriel Boric wants to regulate and control the media

The presidential candidate of the Apruebo Dignidad party, the Marxist Gabriel Boric, has not risen in the polls for weeks and has already lost the first place to the right-wing José Antonio Kast, and everything indicates that they will go to a second round where the future of Chile will be decided.

In this context, Boric is seeking to balance a moderate agenda that can attract the social democratic vote, which was always the majority in Chile, with a set of proposals that will not make him lose his base of voters of the extreme left communist who anointed him as the leader of the social outbreak of October 2019.

Diego Pardow, Boric's programmatic coordinator, announced that the program that Boric will present this Monday will advocate for the creation of an establishment that will seek to control and regulate the media to prevent them from publishing "false information."

“Beyond the name there is a problem with the way false information circulates. We believe that freedom of the press is fundamental to democracy and independent media are very important, but this cannot be allowed any more,” Pardow said.

In addition, he made it clear that “the world of information has been changing, regulation is changing. We don't want to do anything different from trends to OECD countries”.

Many remember the proposal of Daniel Jadue, former candidate of the Communist Party who now sounds to integrate the cabinet into a potential Boric government, who said that it was necessary to create a Ministry of Information, which regulates everything that is published in the Chilean media.

Faced with this comparison, Boric's programmatic coordinator clarified that “no one is thinking of making arbitrary decisions regarding the media. One of the cleavages of the next election is democracy and authoritarianism, and we are democrats ”, although few trust that the candidate of the violent protests and regionalist terrorism will express restraint.

Photo: YouTube.
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