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Cuba more tyrannical than ever: it adds more than 680 political prisoners in the face of the November demonstrations

More than 680 Cubans have been arrested and sentenced in the last year for political reasons on the island, as reported by the Cuban Prisoners Defenders organization, which has warned that the figures could be higher since "actual verification is simply unattainable." and that this number is a confirmed minimum.

The month of November 2020 began with 137 prisoners and convicts, and from then until the end of October 2021, 544 new cases have been reported, while there are more than 1,500 cases of freedom limitation measures applied to protesters detained in the framework of the protests against the dictatorship of June 11 nicknamed #SOSCuba.

While Cubans prepare new demonstrations for November 15, the day on which the dictatorship has stated that it will reopen tourism to the island, the communist dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel has threatened the dissent, assuring that he has "enough revolutionaries to confront any type of manifestation ”.

In a statement issued this Thursday, Prisoners Defenders has alerted about the "dozens of Cubans who are accused of a crime of sedition, with requested penalties of over 10 years", and has revealed that the neighborhood of La Güinera, in the Cuban capital, "has especially suffered judicial barbarism."

In addition, it has denounced the situation of systematic violation of human rights experienced by political prisoners. The Communist Party imposes the punishment cells. According to the organization, the political prisoner José Daniel Ferrer, for example, has spent more than 100 days between four white walls, without seeing sunlight, without windows or air and in a cell whose only furniture is a light bulb.

It is also the case of Maykel Castillo Pérez (nicknamed "Maykel Osorbo", co-author of the anti-communist anthem Patria y Vida), who was in similar punishment cells, together with the opponent Eider Frómeta Allen, who was confined "in dark and pestilential dungeons, where he was deprived of a sleeping mattress and had to lie on the ground among rats and cockroaches. "

Deaths in prison in Cuba are "frequent" and the vast majority are due to abuses by "jailers" of the dictatorship, who do not respect human rights and treat dissidents worse than criminals or murderers.

Among other things, the tyranny mistreats dissidents with the denial of medical assistance. The group presented evidence that "in October, state security kept political prisoner Taimir García Meriño, who is very ill in the Kilo 5 women's prison, in Camagüey, without medical treatment."

Finally, the forced labor camps in which all the minimum human conditions are violated and have become authentic concentration camps like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

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