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Clear words from the SPD district administrator on church desecration are "racist statements" for the church

Written by Josef Kraus for

Normally this act would not get any attention. Because normally something like this would be an individual act without being a symptom of certain developments at the same time. But what is normal in Germany in 2015 and beyond?

At the end of October, a 25-year-old Afghan in Nordhausen in northern Thuringia desecrated the now Protestant Frauenberg Church, which was founded in the 12th century. There is hardly any talk of “desecrated” in the press. Rather, it is reported that the Afghan “cleared out” the church. I'm sorry, what? For a general cleaning? Yes, apparently symbolically for a cleansing from Christianity. The young man, who came to Germany as an asylum seeker in 2015 and failed with his asylum application, carried all the church's furniture outside and broke a large crucifix. This crucifix was found in the rubble after the church was bombed in World War II.

The “clearer” was finally caught by Pastor Klemens Müller carrying out the furniture and was asked to stop. Müller reported that the Afghan said that Christianity was false and that Islam was the only truth. Therefore he has to clear the church.

So far so good? So far so bad? Quite a few official responses to the deed are indicative. District Administrator Matthias Jendricke (SPD) spoke plainly: This act was a “targeted attack on our Christian values”. Literally he said to the Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung: “I condemn this trespassing with property damage in the strongest possible terms. Such behavior is the reason why I made a plea in the summer not to accept any more refugees from Afghanistan. Most of them reject our culture. It is a mistake to think that they would want to integrate well, as yesterday's incident proves once again. In addition, we currently have no way of deporting people who have committed criminal offenses to their home country because there are no longer any flight connections to Afghanistan. We don't need a new admission contingent for Thuringia and we won't solve Afghanistan's problems if we bring unlimited numbers of people to us."

The superintendent of the Evangelical Church District South Harz, Andreas Schwarze, did not want to leave this clear statement as it is. Although he also condemned the desecration, he immediately distanced himself from the district administrator. The cleric warned against “blanket condemnations” and “racist remarks”. The usual reflexes!

Well, at least 50 refugees found themselves a few days after the crime to lay flowers at the altar as a sign of apology. But even there a chairman of a church council named Ralf Schumann could not get out of his “Refugees Welcome” skin: “Let us all become a member of Team Germany together!” He said.

Multicultural team Germany? The realities are different. They are not isolated cases, as is repeatedly claimed. There is talk of 2,000 damage to property in and around churches - presumably by Muslims. It is stolen, churches are used as toilets, tabernacles are broken into, all sorts of devastation is wreaked, such as the destruction of valuable old church windows etc. Not only in Germany, but also en masse in France.

What do we learn from it? Many “refugees” in Germany see themselves as missionaries to Allah. Even six years after their arrival in Germany, some of them are not prepared to adapt to the Christian culture in Germany or at least to accept it. The German mainstream also makes their missionary zeal easy for them. And the German churches do the same when they pretend that everyone - Christians, Muslims and Jews - believes in one and the same God.

If a city like Cologne also allows the 41 mosques located there to initiate Friday prayer with a muezzin call, then for an Afghan like in Nordhausen that is an invitation to “clear” a church.

We refrain from asking, by the way, what would have happened if a bald bio-German man had "cleared" a mosque?

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