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Climate Change: The Greens in Germany will only enter into a coalition if the SPD and FDP stick to the 1.5 degree path

Berlin - "The Alliance 90 / The Greens will certainly not participate in a government that does not get on the 1.5-degree path and that does not make an appropriate climate protection policy," said the deputy Group chairman of the Greens, Oliver Krischer, on ARD's "Report from Berlin". For his party, Krischer is chief negotiator of the climate working group in the coalition negotiations. Climate protection must be a joint coalition project, he said.

"It cannot be that you give the greens an allotment garden and then say: We'll continue doing this just as the grand coalition did. The environment minister is allowed to do a little bit of climate protection. And the energy minister, the economics minister, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Agriculture do the exact opposite. "

It won't work that way. With regard to the dismantling of climate-damaging subsidies, which many environmental groups in particular expect from the Greens in a future government, Krischer announced changes to the company car privilege: "In the automotive sector, for example, we have the crazy situation that we promote fossil vehicles through the company car privilege, but at the same time electric vehicles. We subsidize each other. And that is an insane situation that has to be ended. And this government will do that too," said the Green politician.

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