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Germany: ZDF is sticking to the collaboration with anti-Semitic and Islamist sympathizer Nemi El-Hassan

Berlin - Unlike the WDR, the ZDF has not ruled out the collaboration with the journalist Nemi El-Hassan, who has come under criticism for allegations of Islamism and anti-Semitism. The doctor will continue to work for the online format "Funk", confirmed the ZDF to the Bild newspaper. The editorial team is "in close contact with the author and, due to the previous collaboration, sees no reason to doubt her journalistic professionalism".

The following applies in principle: "Anyone who clearly and publicly questions the right to exist of the State of Israel or expresses anti-Semitism - and does not credibly revise this - cannot work for ZDF or for ZDF productions."

On Wednesday, the WDR finally refrained from an initially planned employment of El-Hassan . "There is no longer any trust for future cooperation," they said. The occasion was an article by the 28-year-old in which she accused the WDR of having been caught up in a “racist campaign” by right-wing networks and the Bild newspaper.

"Likes" for BDS supporters
Born in Brandenburg, the Muslim woman of Palestinian origin was originally supposed to moderate the WDR science program “Quarks”. It was scheduled to start in November. But in the meantime, accusations of anti-Semitism and Islamism had become loud against her. The reason for this was El-Hassan's participation in the anti-Semitic Al-Kuds march in Berlin seven years ago as well as trivializing statements about the “jihad”.

Then the WDR put the cooperation with her on hold, announced that it would examine the case and then decide on it. Possibly, according to the broadcaster, she could work as a writer. El-Hassan apologized for her participation in the Al-Kuds march and stated that it was a mistake from the past, that she had not been to a mosque for years.

In September, however, the Bild newspaper reported on several recent "likes" from El-Hassan on social media. For example, she gave contributions by the left-wing radical organization “Jewish Voice for Peace”, which supports the boycott movement BDS, with a “Like”. El-Hassan also liked a post describing the escape of Palestinian inmates from a prison as an "incredible feat". According to the newspaper, there were also members of Islamist organizations among the prisoners.

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