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Hot Easy $€x

Written by John (the other John).

Decades ago when I was a young adult, I visited Athens, Greece for the summer. While there, I was told of a local bar which was known to all the locals, in which the girls who socialized there were known for offering “hot easy $€x” to the male patrons. I of course was intrigued, but this did not sound like the kind of establishment that I would want to patronize (plus, I was broke as $hit). Nevertheless, the reputation of this bar was well known. Every evening, I saw dozens of males (who mostly appeared to being tourists) entering the premises.

One night, I saw some of the girls hanging around outside in the front of the bar, and ho!y $h!t, they were f’g hot. No doubt these were high-priced hookers; but I was wrong. One day, one of the locals gave me the lowdown of this bar. These girls were not hookers, rather they were “B-girls” (bar girls; these girls work for the bar). They do not have $€x with the male patrons, but rather they build up the males ego with sweet talk, sweet moves, and drinks (very high priced drinks). So as the guy thinks he is making waves with the girl, he orders drinks for both of them (but of course her drink is water disguised as vodka). By the end of the night, the girl “goes to the WC”, then the muscle (bouncers) bring him the check to pay an outrageous bar tab for the drinks. The male by now is drunk, so he cannot defend himself nor can he call for help, so his choice is to pay, or get beat up or killed. Not much of a choice. I was later told that this bar was run by people with connections to an Eastern European mafia. The moral of the story is something may look f’g amazing on the outside, but once you unpeel the layers of this onion, the illusion/delusion is not only not fulfilled, but it can also cause horrific harm.

So how is story relevant to PostDiscus? Because things that appear politically appealing on the surface are actually horrifically harmful once the entire truth is disclosed. For instance, what can sound more plausible colloquially than the following:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Anti-Fascism
  • Racial/Social Justice
  • Critical Race Theory
  • #metoo
  • Religion of Peace

Just by reading these terms I am 100% on board with all of these phrases; after all, who can honestly disagree with “black lives matter”? Of course they matter, it would be insane to disagree with any of the above phrases. But let us now unpeel these onions and see what is below the surface of these enticing names. Frighteningly, it is violence, deceit, fraud, hate, envy, theft, etc… Don’t believe me, then just examine their criminal actions.

But how can that be? Would they really lie? Well, next time you ponder whether they are lying when you hear someone praising the above words/groups’ “altruism”, just remember the Eastern European mafia bar that gives the illusion/delusion of the promise of “hot easy $€x” from the hottest f’n girls ever, but instead you get robbed and intimidated under threat of violence and murder.

Total fraud! They intentionally mislead people with a pleasing exterior, then they steal from them under threat of violence.
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