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Merkel does not even have a shrug for the consequences of her asylum policy

Written by Felix Krautkrämer for Junge Freiheit.

Group rape, terrorist attacks, increasing crime, knife murders and exploding social costs: When it comes to the 2015 asylum crisis and its consequences, the downside of the mass migration it caused does not seem to exist for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).
A Syrian who came as a refugee has just injured three people with a knife on train near Nuremberg, when the outgoing head of government sums up that Germany has not only coped with the influx of millions in recent years, but even mastered it. "Yes, we did it," she said happily in a recent interview.

Although not everything went “ideally”, Merkel said euphemistically with a view to the sexual assaults by foreign group gropers on New Year's Eve 2015 in Cologne, but who cares about such apparently meaningless marginal phenomena when there are really “wonderful examples of successful human developments”. Then that was what Merkel came up with about her asylum policy.

Absolute lack of empathy towards one's own people
This shows once again: Angela Merkel remains true to herself. Not only in terms of her often meaningless and subjective formulations and perceptions, but also in terms of the trademark of her style of government: their absolute lack of empathy towards her own people. “I don't care if I am to blame for the influx of refugees. Now they are just there,” said Merkel, just a few days after she let hundreds of thousands pour into the country uncontrollably, as usual snotty towards those with concern in her own parliamentary group.

And even when an Islamist disguised as a refugee killed more than a dozen people in a terrorist attack on the Christmas market on Berlin's Breitscheidplatz, it took a long time for Merkel to condescend to show her sympathy for the bereaved.

When a rejected asylum seeker from Somalia murdered three women with a knife in Würzburg, calling "Allahu Akbar", the Chancellor also did not think it necessary to comment personally on the tragedy. Instead, she sent her spokesman Steffen Seibert on Twitter, who let the people know on her behalf: "The horrific act is directed against all humanity and every religion."

In 2016, however, she proved that Merkel is capable of sympathy. At that time, a self-made explosive device exploded in front of a Dresden mosque. Even if there was only a comparatively minor damage to property, the CDU politician insisted on meeting the imam's family in person and setting an example.

The face of the country has changed significantly
Angela Merkel will go down in the history books as the head of government of Germany who changed the face of her country permanently through the immigration of hundreds of thousands of people from foreign cultures. She had completely strangers who had only been in the country for a few days, taking photos of her, while she often didn't even have a weary smile left for her own compatriots and their worries and needs.

She did not seem to care what signal was sent by a selfie with the chancellor to the refugee regions of the world. If she should now also apologize for showing a friendly face in emergency situations - then this is no longer her country, she said with a shrug.

Merkel is also completely indifferent to the fact that her siren calls and her generous hand policy have attracted countless refugees to this day, as a current look at the border with Poland shows. She may hope that among the future welfare state profiteers there will again be some wonderful examples of successful human developments. And if not, then their previous slogan applies: "Now they are there."

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