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Migrants break through the Polish border

Starzyna - The first migrants broke barriers on the border between Poland and Belarus and got to Poland. On Saturday evening, about 50 illegal immigrants entered the Starzyna area by force, reported the Polish news website The officers arrested 22 Iraqis. The police also arrested four suspected smugglers in the border region. These are two Georgians, a Pole and a Syrian. According to the Polish border guards, there were a total of 223 attempts to illegally cross the border on Saturday.

The situation at the border is getting worse. Poland is now using loudspeaker announcements to prevent migrants from further attacks on the border: “The Polish border will remain closed and will be protected. Nobody is allowed to go through them without the required documents. You were deceived by Belarus. You use Belarusian services. You can request reimbursement and return home from Belarus."
Above: "Due to rumors distributed among migrants, messages are released at the border informing that Poland does not consent to the transfer of migrants to Germany. We counteract a dangerous provocation."
On the night of November 12th and 13th, according to the Polish authorities, Belarusian soldiers began to destroy a temporary border barrier in the area of ​​Wólka Terechowska. The Polish armed forces would have been blinded by laser beams and strobe lights. Around 100 migrants tried to cross the border. The Belarusians would equip the migrants with tear gas, which would be used in the direction of the Polish soldiers.

The Polish police also found the body of a young Syrian in a forest. As the police announced on Saturday, the dead man was discovered the day before near the village of Wólka Terechowska. The exact cause of death is still unclear, it said. According to the Polish border guards, there have been 33,000 attempts to cross the border illegally since the beginning of the year, 17,000 of them in October alone.

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