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Multiculturalism in Sweden: 12-year-olds have taken over a residential area in Ludvika

Ludvika municipality has established a position group to go to the bottom with the alarms from Marnäs. The security department at the municipality has received information that young people, as young as 10-12 years, have "taken over" the area.

- This, together with the fact that there has been harassment against other tenants in the area and damage to both the school and the apartment buildings, strongly indicates some form of concern in the area, says David Helsing who is security coordinator in the municipality.

"These are the signals we have received, that these young people have taken over residential areas."

The police are aware of the unrest
The police in Ludvika, which is also part of the situation group, do not really share the municipality's view of the situation.

"I know that it has been worrying. Then I also heard about the fact that they took over areas. But nothing has come in as a matter to us," says Therese Bertilsson at Ludvika Police to Expressen.

Ludvikahem, who owns the properties in the area, tells the newspaper that they are now working to identify the children who have taken over the area. "So we can find the parents. It is about small children, after all," says Mikael Hofström, housing supporter at Ludvikahem.

Source: Expressen
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