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"No, there will be no compulsory vaccination" - The German government deletes posts about fake news

The German government and numerous prime ministers not only ruled out compulsory vaccination, they called all other forecasts fake news. Now an agreement has been reached on mandatory vaccination for medical staff - and the relevant passages are quietly and secretly deleted.

In July it was Chancellor Angela Merkel who said regarding mandatory vaccination in France: "We do not intend to go this way" and: "There will be no mandatory vaccination." Saxony's Prime Minister Kretschmer promised that no one would be vaccinated against their will. He called the claim that unvaccinated people would lose their rights "absurd and vicious". Markus Söder and Jens Spahn also expressed a rejection of the compulsory corona vaccination.

The federal government went one step further. On their page “Facts against false reports about corona vaccination”, they clarified the first of 10 points: “There will be no compulsory vaccination. Messages and posts that claim otherwise are false ”. This point has now been quietly deleted.

Above: "That is the passage that has been lost." It says in bold: "The claim that there will be compulsory vaccination is false."

No wonder: Exactly that federal government, together with precisely those prime ministers, recommended a general compulsory vaccination for medical staff in hospitals and for elderly care on Thursday. The Bundestag still has to agree - the very politicians who attacked people for claiming that a vaccination would be required are now for it themselves. Markus Söder even spoke out in favor of compulsory vaccination for everyone.

The fake news reports from the federal government have always caused amusement: On March 14, 2020, for example, the Federal Ministry of Health warned on Twitter against claims that they would soon “announce massive restrictions on public life”. That would be fake news.

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