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“Whiteness” is a Global Existential Threat

Written by John (the other John).

We hear continuously in the news that “whiteness” is a threat to global security, and after much self-deliberation, I concluded that that is true. But unlike the Leftist narrative, the peril of “whiteness” can best be explained in simple free-market terminology with the concept of supply and demand. Basically, there is much poverty in this world (ex. Haiti, Central America, Africa, etc...), but not only can this poverty be easily eliminated, but there is a strategy to actually make these nations wealthy; and yes, the problem lies with “whiteness”, that is, the lack of “whiteness”. (Just think about it, do any of these nations have a plethora of “whiteness”; in fact, these nations display antagonism to “whiteness” [to their own detriment]). So yes, the problems would be solved if these nations had more “whiteness”. (Hence, the demand for “whiteness”).

So imagine a scenario in which the US and Europe were to send millions of its most talented people excelling in “whiteness” to these other nations (whether our engineers, scientists, doctors, bankers, industrialists, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, etc…) for a period of 10 years, and let us then analyze the results of the exportation of “whiteness” to these nations.[1] (Hence, a supply for “whiteness”).

The only problem with this economic theory is that there is a finite supply of “whiteness”, and that the demand for “whiteness” far exceeds the supply. So much like an economic pie-chart, “whiteness” can never be divided fairly enough amongst the nations who need “whiteness”. So the only theoretical solution is to expand the supply of “whiteness” by means of mass production (i.e., more births). But until that occurs, the limited supply of “whiteness” is an existential threat to global security and prosperity.

Just wondering, will the Leftists agree with this theory?[2]

  1. For instance, if the US were to send 100,000 people who are skilled in “whiteness” to Haiti, imagine the economic impact of roads, sewers, housing, industry, finance, etc… Haiti would become the “jewel of the Caribbean”.
  2. This article is written in jest, as the best people to make a nation prosper is the local people themselves.
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