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Oslo: knife attacker shot by police

A semi-naked knifeman has stabbed multiple people in the streets of Oslo before being shot dead by police - a year after he committed the same crime and was sectioned.  

Police said only that there was 'more than one' victim and gave no information about their condition.

"We’re not excluding any motives, but there is nothing at this stage that indicates this is a terror attack," police inspector Egil Jorgen Brekke told reporters.

According to tabloid VG, the man was Russian and in his 30s, and had been sentenced to psychiatric care in December 2020 after stabbing a man in Oslo in 2019. He reportedly shouted 'allahu akbar' during the 2019 assault, was shot by police with a stun gun as he was arrested.

At trial, court-appointed mental health experts disagreed over whether he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia or drug-induced psychosis, but both the prosecution and the defence agreed he should be sectioned to compulsory mental health care.
Footage posted by witnesses on social media and broadcast by Norwegiann media show the bare-chested suspect wielding a large knife on the pavement outside a shop.

A police car can be seen ramming the man into a building in a bid to stop him. The man then rushes the vehicle, opens the front passenger door and leans inside the car.

“Police tried to run him down as he was attempting to stab someone. He then attacked the police with a knife… and shots were fired,” the head of the police operation, Tore Solberg, told reporters at an improvised press conference at the scene aired on public broadcaster NRK.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB.
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