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Cannes: Police shoot Muslim knife attacker

Cannes - After a knife attack on police officers in Cannes, France, investigations into whether the crime was a terrorist attack started immediately. Although the national anti-terrorist prosecutor's office has not yet been entrusted with the case, there are indications of a terrorist background, reported the newspaper Le Figaro, citing security circles.

Early on Monday morning, an Algerian attacked police officers who were sitting in an emergency vehicle and stabbed an officer with a knife and injured him. His bulletproof vest saved him from serious injuries. When the attacker, who was legally in France, attacked the other officers, they shot him down. Before he died, he said the name "Mohammed" several times.

Attacks shake France
Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin spoke of an "unacceptable attack". He praised the security forces who “reacted in a highly professional manner”.

There had been repeated Islamist attacks in France in recent years. In October last year, a 21-year-old Tunisian beheaded a woman while she was praying in a church in Nice. He killed two other people and injured six people.

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