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Paul Ehrlich Institute calls for preparation for the next pandemic

The President of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Klaus Cichutek, calls for systematic preparation for a possible new pandemic.

Langen - "It makes sense that we prepare better in the future in the so-called interpandemic phases for new pathogens to appear," he told the weekly newspaper Das Parlament. Among other things, corona viruses played a role. A new center for pandemic vaccines and therapeutics has been opened at the PEI.

There, with a view to possible new pandemic pathogens, it should be ensured that pandemics can be reacted to even faster in the future. Cichutek said: "We definitely have to take precautions to be better equipped." Not only coronaviruses, but also influenza viruses have pandemic potential.

Photo: © spot on news / 1&1 Mail & Media
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