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Poland holds the position

Written by Dieter Stein for Junge Freiheit.

The images from Belarus awaken nightmarish memories of 2015: A caravan of people is pushing forward on a road towards the west. Thousands of migrants have gathered at the border with Poland, which is fortified with rolls of barbed wire, they have lit fires and built tents. Under the supervision of Belarusian security forces, strong men tear down fences with logs. People abused as a weapon in the hand of the dictator Lukashenko.

In this situation, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel gave an interview in which she did not admit any mistakes with regard to the consequences of the opening of the border in 2015, which she was responsible for, but announced: "Yes, we did it."

This sentence is a slap in the face of all those who are struggling with the catastrophic consequences of this wrong decision. So the relatives of the Christmas market attack on Berlin's Breitscheidplatz five years ago, to whom the Chancellor has long refused any sympathy. The opening of the border shook internal security profoundly. The current picture of the situation by the BKA highlights the explosion in the proportion of migrants, especially in organized crime. The fact that group rape and knife attacks are now part of everyday life is also a consequence of the Chancellor's “We can do it!”. Likewise, the displacement in residential areas and that the majority of asylum seekers live on transfer payments even after years.

Germany destabilizes Europe
Because of the Merkel's government’s refusal to defend Germany’s statehood in terms of responsibility for the EU, it led Europe to the brink. The opening of the border was also the last drop that broke the barrel for the British and led to Brexit.

There is still no general public accounting for the failure of the Merkel government in matters of migration. This is hardly to be expected from the new traffic light coalition. If the CDU wants to prevent its political demise, it must finally face this balance ruthlessly.

Germany is destabilizing Europe by becoming the main attraction for illegal mass migration: with its fairytale social benefits, an abusive asylum system, the inability to secure borders and deport hundreds of thousands of migrants who are obliged to leave the country. We are therefore obliged to show solidarity and thanks to Poland that, in contrast to us, it does not behave like a hippi state. Dziękujemy, Polsko! Brońcie granicy! Thank you Poland! Protect the border!

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