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The Noble Lie

Written by John (the other John).

I know this guy who is married and has 3 kids, and who works as a low-level office clerk at a company. The company executives recently had a business meeting in some other city, and this guy was brought along by one of the executives to essentially be his “gopher”.

After the first evening at the meeting, the executives went out to dinner, but the guy did not join them because he felt out of place, so he instead went to a bar for some drinks. While there, he saw a gorgeous blonde sitting by herself, so he approached her. He started some small talk, but he could not impress her talking about himself, so he instead fabricated (i.e., lied) about his bio. Although he knew that lying is wrong, and that his lies could harm other people, that did not matter, because his primary goal that night was clear, which was to f’k the blonde. His lies included as follows:

  • He was married with 3 kids, but he said that he was single
  • He was a low wage office clerk, but he said that he was CEO
  • He said that he was a world traveler, but he never left the US
  • He lived in a 2 bedroom flat, but he said that he lived in a 5 bedroom mansion
  • He drove a Volkswagen, but he said that he drove a Porsche

You get the point; he lied, but this was justified in his mind because he needed to fulfill the ultimate goal that night, which was to f’k the hot blonde. Were these lies this malicious? Could other people get hurt? Did fiction suddenly become fact? Who cares! He wanted to f’k the hot chick. He had to say anything to accomplish this. Adultery? Who cares! The wife and kids are mere collateral damage to this greater goal. As long as his goal was accomplished, then these lies were all “noble lies”.

You may be wondering now, why is this an article on PostDiscus? Because the Left also lies about everything, no matter who gets hurt, as long as they accomplish their ultimate goal of unchallenged control of the government and the Treasury. You know the lies:

  • Climate change
  • White supremacy
  • Systemic racism
  • The 1619 Project
  • BLM cares for black people
  • Islam is the “religion of peace”
  • White men are misogynists
  • The “great reset”
  • Etc...

These are all historically effective tools to shut us up, to disempower us (like kryptonite to Superman); and then we cave-in and allow them to do as they wish. It does not matter who gets hurt, it does not matter that fiction is portrayed as fact, as those harmed are mere collateral damage for the greater goal of monopolizing power. So are these lies bad? Who cares! In their minds, the answer is “no”, because these lies according to them are “noble lies”, thus they are fully justified.
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