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Germany: Federal Criminal Police Office prevented several terrorist attacks by means of wiretapping

According to its own statements, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) prevented several terrorist attacks by covert measures in the period from May 2019 to April 2021.

Berlin / Wiesbaden - This is in a report for the members of the Bundestag. In one case, a terrorist attack on a church or synagogue in an unknown location in Germany is said to have been foiled. For this purpose, a total of ten connections, IDs or user accounts were monitored with a court order.

Another case concerned the prevention of terrorist attacks in places in Germany and Europe that were not specified in detail. For this purpose, the BKA carried out "a total of five long-term observations", as it was called, and also "five measures to collect photographs and image recordings outside of apartments", In addition, 55 connections, IDs or user accounts with a court order were monitored. For a total of 22 cell phone cards, the location of the cell phone device used by one of the seven target persons was determined.

In three further criminal investigations by the BKA, one apartment was monitored in each case "for the self-protection of the person commissioned by the BKA", in two proceedings with optical and in one with acoustic means. After a hazard warning, image recordings were made outside the apartment to protect a member of the constitutional organs or the BKA management. Since 2019, the BKA has had to report to the Bundestag every two years on certain surveillance measures.

Photo: Sebastian Willnow / DPA
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