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Young woman (22) stabbed - fugitive perpetrator runs naked through Hamburg

After a knife attack on a 22-year-old woman from Hamburg, the police are looking for the suspect, the Algerian Oussama Y .: The 26-year-old fled naked through the city after the crime.

Late on Friday evening, October 29, 2021, a 22-year-old woman in Hamburg-Bramfeld was brutally attacked with a knife and stabbed. The police are looking for a 26-year-old suspect with a photo and ask the population for information. The wanted Oussama Y. ran naked through the city on his escape and was seen by witnesses.

Man (26) stabs young woman
According to the police's previous knowledge, around 9 p.m. there was an argument between the fugitive 26-year-old Algerian and his 22-year-old partner. For reasons still unknown, the man stabbed the young woman several times with a blade and inflicted life-threatening injuries.

Bleeding woman found by rescue workers
Neighbors had become aware of what was happening and thereupon notified the emergency call. The alarmed emergency services found the young woman seriously injured but still conscious. She had to be admitted to a hospital under emergency medical supervision and underwent surgery. According to the Hamburg police, her condition is currently stable and there is no longer any mortal danger. Relatives of the victim and witnesses receive pastoral care.

Helicopters and search dogs in action: police chased naked man
The manhunt, which was initiated immediately with almost a dozen patrol cars, search dogs and a police helicopter, has not yet led to the suspect being arrested. As the police reported, the man fled over the roof of the apartment building. Here the Algerian got rid of his clothes and his knife. A short time later he was seen completely naked in the area of ​​August-Krogmann-Strasse. He has since gone into hiding. A homicide squad took over the investigation that same night.

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