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Germany: Refugee worker speaks out against integration

Berlin - The refugee helper Mohammed Jouni spoke out against the integration of refugees in Germany on the occasion of being awarded the Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. “I don't have to fit into a racially structured society, accept it and reproduce it. For us it was not and is not about becoming 'integrated', well-educated, useful young people, but about giving all people who live here a right to stay - regardless of whether they are useful for this capitalist society or whether they are old or sick can or cannot speak German because they have lived in camps for years," he told taz.

Jouni came to Germany from Lebanon in 1998 at the age of twelve as an unaccompanied minor. He works as a social worker with young refugees.

Jouni, who is now a German citizen, commented on the award: "It is almost a bit absurd to honor people who hold up a mirror to this society, point out what is going wrong here - and then continue with this policy anyway."

Social Senator praises commitment to young refugees
He has lived for "23 years in a state that deports, that reproduces structural and institutional racism, that houses people in camps, that trains refugee children separately - and that now honors people who oppose it." He made an appeal to those responsible: “Just stop making escape illegal and criminalizing refugees. If you really lived your European values, we wouldn't need such honors. "

The Berlin Social Senator Elke Breitenbach (Left Party) presented him with the award on Monday. She praised him as a "role model and fighter". His story shows: “Migration law can be changed. Highly committed and broadly networked, he has been able to achieve many improvements in the past, and he continues to work to enable more participation for young refugees in this country."

Breitenbach sees "honor killing" as a male problem
Breitenbach highlighted Jouni's involvement in the association "Young People Without Borders", which he co-founded. He shows "young refugees what rights they have and how they claim them. He works as an empowerment trainer for young people and is on the board of the Federal Association of Unaccompanied Minors".

In August, Breitenbach hit the headlines after she refused to speak of an “honor killing” in the case of an Afghan woman who was allegedly killed by her brothers. Instead of origin, it is about the question of gender, she said. "And unfortunately I have no idea how to integrate men better."

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