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Argentina: Lesbian couple murder a 5-year-old boy because he was an obstacle in the relationship

5-year old Lucio Dupuy died on Friday the 26th at night due to multiple injuries due to blows, and for the fact his mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti (24) and her partner, Abigail Páez (27), were arrested.

The motivation for the crime seems to be related to the couple's lack of privacy and their hatred of men.

The five times Lucio was taken to hospital for injuries
Due to the existence of long-standing injuries, the Office of the Public Prosecutor for Administrative Investigations (FIA) asked the Ministry of Health for a report on the admission of the minor to different hospitals and health centers in Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

The prosecutor Juan Carlos Carola requested the reports because, in all the opportunities in which he entered the different health centers, no complaint was registered by the intervening health authorities.

According to the report, on December 15, 2020 Lucio was treated for “upper limb trauma” at the Evita Hospital. Three days later, on January 18, he was admitted to the Molas Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a “fracture at the wrist and hand level”.

A little over a month later, on January 22, 2021, he was taken to the Río Atuel neighborhood post, where the doctors confirmed “upper limb trauma”.

On February 1, he returned to Hospital Evita for a “code T14-1”, that is, a trauma to the body.

The last record of him is from March 23 of this year, when he was diagnosed at the Hospital Evita "mallet finger", a deformity in the finger that is generated by a bone fracture of the distal phalanx.

"In 27 years of profession I have never seen anything like this"
While the case of the death of Lucio Abel Dupuy has shocked the entire Argentine society, details of the autopsy were known that revealed the level of violence he suffered. Forensic doctor Juan Carlos Toulouse assured that "in 27 years of profession I have never seen anything like this."

And he added: "I never saw this level of beatings and cruelty. The injuries were evident, I think someone must have seen him walking or on the street and could have noticed it."

"There was no part of the body without receiving blows. They are very complex injuries, of a lot of anger and wrath, which are not understood in a five-year-old boy," expanded Toulouse in Somos La Pampa.

Controversial tweets from one of the killers
A series of posts on Abigail Páez's Twitter account denote some annoyance at the presence of Lucio in the home they shared and due to the lack of privacy that it presupposed for the couple. The woman asked for moments of solitude with Magdalena Espósito.

Above: "A moment alone with Maga, we need it now."

Above: "Sometimes I'd like to have a few days alone with Maga, am I asking too much?"
Above: "Getting rid of the kid so that we can fuck."

Feminists to the rescue
The murderers are women, lesbians and feminists, therefore they are seen as victims of society by feminist groups that fight against domestic violence.

Today those groups are silent and some have the nerve to either minimize or shift responsibility.

The feminist legislator of the City of Buenos Aires is more concerned about homophobia:
Above: "The lucio thing is horrible, of course there has to be justice. What is quite disgusting is that they use it to spit homophobia: They are already arrested properly, when those responsible are lesbians it is much faster than when a guy kills so stop throwing shit."

Peronist and feminist psychologist, Carolina Fernández shared her view on the case:
Above: "Asking for justice for Lucio is also that we reflect on where the father was. Male abandonment is the same or more serious."

The mother denied the father the possibility of seeing his son and asked for money in exchange for video calls. The justice denied the possession of the child, despite the insistent requests of the father.

Sources: Perfil / Clarín
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