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European Greens: Greek authorities monitor refugees massively

The European Greens accuse the Greek authorities of using technical means to massively monitor refugees in the camps on the islands in the Aegean.

Brussels - This is the result of a letter to the EU Commission about which the newspapers of the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland report in their Thursday editions. Another accusation: the surveillance system is partly financed with EU money from the Corona reconstruction fund. "The inhumane conditions in the camps for refugees have shocked us all, but also the methods with which the people are monitored," said the Green MEP Alexandra Geese the RND. This happens "around the clock with cameras, drones, X-ray scanners, electronic exit controls and loudspeakers".

The letter to the EU Commission, which more than 40 MEPs signed, mentions more than 200 cameras and seven drones. Some cameras are set in such a way that they also partially capture the beds of the refugees. The recordings from the cameras would be transmitted in real time to a command center in the Greek Ministry for Migration.

MEP Geese said: "I am stunned because it violates the privacy of people in need and treats them like criminals." If even the beds of the residents could partially be seen, "this has nothing to do with the considerate use of technology". Her group colleague Erik Marquardt criticized: "People are fleeing to Europe in order to find security and dignity, and we can think of nothing better than isolating them socially or robbing them of all privacy."

In addition, the Greens are upset that the Greek authorities are apparently using money from the Corona reconstruction fund from Brussels to finance the surveillance systems. The letter to the EU Commission mentions around 37 million euros. The authority of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had to check whether it was a misuse of funds, said Geese.

The action of the Greek authorities was "disproportionate and not compatible with the requirements of the EU".

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