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Brigitte Macron is going to sue those who spread the fake news that she is a transsexual

At the origin of this disinformation with transphobic overtones, an alleged journalist close to the extreme right. The lawyer for the President's wife announced that there will be prosecution.

A fake news that has been circulating for several days, affirming that Brigitte Macron would be a "transsexual" woman, born under the real name of Jean-Michel Trogneux has motivated the French first lady to press charges against its creators. The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux, launched on November 7 by the account hostile to Emmanuel Macron “Journal de la Macronie”, has since found itself among the most discussed subjects of the social network Twitter, deciding Brigitte Macron's entourage to file a complaint. Contacted by CheckNews, the office of the President's wife told us that “Brigitte Macron's lawyer” was “responsible for defending her interests following these publications”.

According to the social media monitoring tool Visibrain, the stink ball has especially gained momentum from December 13, and today totals more than 57,000 messages published. The words “Jean-Michel Trogneux” generated over 66,000 mentions. As reported by the media the accounts that have contributed the most to the spread of the hashtag on Twitter, are profiles opposed to Emmanuel Macron, from the extreme right and from the antivax and groups of Covid deniers. On Facebook, the rumor was particularly shared by pages supporting the yellow vests movement or opposed to the health policy of the Macron presidency.

Source: Libération
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