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Police arrest 6 men suspected of targeting Asian women in Bay Area robbery spree


An organized robbery group has finally been apprehended by authorities in San José. Beyond the standard charges of burglary, officials have designated their actions as hate crimes given the minority community the suspects targeted.


The SFist outlet honed in on these details. They cite the District Attorney’s evidence in saying "ethnic slurs were allegedly used against some of the women," by the group. 


The outlet claims "the men allegedly targeted Asian women because they believed [Asians] ‘don’t use banks’ and would be carrying cash." While describing their tactics as following Asian women to their cars before initiating a smash and grab approach.


These arrests come amidst a crime wave on the west coast. A matter that in recent days has begun infuriating San Francisco Mayor London Breed who said "it’s time the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end."





A list of the six suspects, per local reporting from KRON:


  • Anthony Michael Robinson: 24-year-old from Stockton.
  • Cameron Alonzo Moody: 27-year-old from East Palo Alto.
  • Clarence Jackson: 21-years-old from East Palo Alto.
  • Derje Damond Blanks: 23-year-old from San José.
  • Hassani Burleson Ramsey: 24-year-old from Oakland.
  • Malik Short: 21-year-old from Tracy.

The crime spree according to the San José Police Department’s Robbery Unit took place between October 2020 and September 2021. It entails "over 70 incidents" of thefts, in which various firearms (including a ghost gun) were recovered from the suspects. 


The six apprehended by authorities also face hate crime charges given that their victims of choice happened to be Asian females. They were both "targeted" and "injured" often when it comes to the crimes in question.


San José Chief of Police Anthony Mata thanked the members of the police force who handled the matter and said: "Thanks to their hard work, there are six less predators targeting members of our community."


Source: Post Millennial

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