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Germany: Since the end of 2016, authorities have prevented ten Islamist attacks

According to their own statements, German security authorities have prevented ten Islamist attacks since the attack on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.

Berlin - This was announced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), reported the Welt am Sonntag. One of the thwarted acts is the planned attack by a married couple in North Rhine-Westphalia with a highly toxic ricin bomb in 2018. The BKA also mentions an attempt by an Islamist who tried to derail an ICE train with a steel cable in 2018. The current proceedings against a 20-year-old in Hamburg, who is said to have already possessed materials for building bombs, are not yet in the list.

Alexander Throm, CDU spokesman for domestic affairs, believes the danger of an Islamist attack is still high. The powers of the security authorities should therefore not be curtailed, but should be expanded: "To counter terrorism, the BKA must be allowed to access all messenger services in individual cases, and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution needs the instrument of online searches." Otherwise, Germany too often remains dependent on tips from foreign secret services.

The BKA currently classifies 554 people (as of December 1) as Islamist threats. In other words, people whom the authorities trust to carry out an attack at any time. For comparison: according to the BKA, there are around 75 perpetrators in right-wing extremism and around 10 people in left-wing extremism.

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