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Left-wing extremists attack Ditib mosque in Leipzig

Leipzig - Left-wing extremists have left a trail of devastation in the Leipzig district of Volkmarsdorf. They erected barricades, set trash cans on fire, dropped smoke bombs, damaged cars and smashed windows. They also attacked a Turkish Ditib mosque.

"The demonstration started at 8:15 pm," said a police spokeswoman for the JF. Several hundred hooded left thugs accordingly banded together in the east of Leipzig. From the Eisenbahnstrasse they roared through the district. They chanted anti-police slogans. Every year on December 13th, the Antifa celebrates its hatred of the police nationwide. Because the numbers of the date stand for the abbreviation ACAB ("All Cops Are Bastards).

In Leipzig, according to media reports, the Antifa attacked the arriving police officers with bottles, stones and bags of paint. Meanwhile, residents of Eisenbahnstrasse tried to extinguish the burning garbage containers themselves with buckets of water. Car windows were smashed out of the crowd of masked people. The left-wing extremists tried to set the vehicles on fire.

Mosque has been repeatedly targeted by attacks
Part of the left marched into Hermann-Liebmann-Strasse. There the troop attacked the Eyup Sultan Mosque and destroyed the window panes. The mosque is sponsored by Ditib, the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion. On its website it states that it is the umbrella organization for 896 local congregations nationwide. The telephone number of the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Leipzig listed there is invalid.

The mosque has been the target of attacks several times since 2017. The facade of the house in which the mosque is housed was smeared with bitumen or black paint and strangers kept throwing windows. 

The state security investigated unsuccessfully.
For left-wing extremists, the Ditib mosques are not places of worship, but rather “places for fascist propaganda, Turkish nationalist indoctrination”, according to a letter confessing that the left published on “Indymedia”. Further: “In fact, Ditib represents an outpost for the Turkish state, through which influence in the Turkish community is to be won. The management of the Ditib is under the direct supervision of the Turkish Prime Minister."

There are no arrests
It seems almost certain that the left-wing extremists fell out on Monday over the attack on the mosque. In addition, it says in the live ticker of the Leipziger Zeitung that "first discrepancies" should have been observed in the group. Is the left really interested in a fight against the outpost of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan? For several years now, the Left have been trying to prevent Turkish shops from settling in the direction of Connewitz and Karl-Liebknecht-Straße.

Yesterday evening the police were able to determine the identities of twelve people. "Nobody was taken into custody," said the police spokeswoman. Five cars and one police vehicle were damaged.

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