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Survey: Americans Overwhelmingly Distrust Teachers, Schools with Children’s Sexual Identity

Americans across all demographics and political persuasions overwhelmingly do not trust teachers with counseling children on their sexual or gender identities without parents’ knowledge, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey.


The survey asking if “schools and teachers [should] be allowed to counsel students on their sexual and gender identities without parental knowledge or consent” saw 68 percent of respondents answer “No,” while only 19 percent said “Yes.”


Further, men and women both disagree — 72 and 64 percent, respectively — that teachers should be allowed to counsel students on sexual identity without parental consent.


There was a relatively large split with political affiliation, where 80 percent of Republican respondents and 54 percent of Democrats disagreed with the statement. Along the same lines, 12 percent of Republicans and 30 percent of Democrats agreed that teachers should be able to counsel children on sexual identities without parental consent.


Independents or unaffiliated respondents, however, overwhelmingly side with Republicans on the issue, at 72 to 14 percent.


Both white and black demographics do not trust schools or teachers with counseling children on the matter, with 68 and 70 percent, respectively, disagreeing with the statement. Further, the largest gap among any demographic or political group on this question was among black respondents, of whom only ten percent agreed with the statement.


Even Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z respondents, aged 18-39, overwhelmingly disagreed with the statement at a rate of 64 percent. Twenty-seven percent agreed.


In another question, the survey asked respondents to agree or disagree with the statement “There are only two genders, male and female,” to which 75 percent of respondents either somewhat agreed or strongly agreed. Only 18 percent of respondents disagreed, ostensibly believing there are more than two genders.


This survey comes as multiple school districts across the country have begun “transitioning” students without the knowledge or consent of their parents.


As Breitbart News reported, Wisconsin parents sued their school district on behalf of their daughter after the “school began a ‘social transition’ so she could ‘present[] to others as the opposite sex'” because district policy “allows minor students to change their name and gender pronouns at school without parental consent.”


Similarly, Breitbart News reported on Florida parents suing their school district for “secretly transitioning” their daughter into a “transgender male.” In California, Breitbart News reported an incident where parents “claimed school staff indoctrinated their daughter into identifying as ‘trans fluid.'”


School districts are also teaching transgender ideology without the knowledge of parents. In Connecticut, Breitbart News reported a school district teaching “transgender ideology without an opt-out.” Parents there said their kindergartner was being taught “that the sex you’re assigned at birth is ‘wrong; and you’re actually a boy.”


Moreover, school districts are stocking their libraries with pornographic and pedophilic materials, exposing students to explicit sexual material. As Breitbart News reported, Virginia’s largest school district, Fairfax County, reintroduced such material after a committee found neither pornographic, nor pedophilic material in the contested books, despite clear evidence of drawings and literature to the contrary.


Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.


Source: Breitbart

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