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Germany: Secretary of State for Family Affairs wants equality in education

Secretary of State for Family Affairs Ekin Deligöz (Greens) sees Girls' and Boys' Day as an opportunity to get girls and boys away from role clichés.

Berlin - In addition, there is a need for support for equal rights in education, she said on Thursday on broadcaster WDR 5. The "equal division of education" must be promoted. According to Deligöz, there should be more parental allowance or paternity leave immediately after the birth. This should promote and promote equality, which is also important at a professional level.

The Girls' and Boys' Day aims to inspire girls for technical and scientific professions and boys for social professions. "We can read in the statistics that 60 percent of the girls decide within ten professions and that 60 percent of the boys concentrate on 20 professions," criticized the Secretary of State for Family Affairs. The girls don't have a single technical job, and the boys don't have any social jobs.

According to the Green politician, "ancient clichés" are still being confirmed. "Girls should be shown that they can do more," said Deligöz. For that you have to create role models and encourage girls to try something new.

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