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Shanghai residents heard screaming from windows as COVID lockdown continues

Shanghai residents heard screaming from windows as COVID lockdown continues


Disturbing footage captures the moment ordinary citizens in Shanghai appear to start screaming out of their windows, after being forbidden from leaving their houses for over a week.


The world’s third-biggest city has been under total COVID lockdown since April 5, with food supplies said to be running low as China’s government struggles to cope.


Video originally shared on Chinese social media shows the Shanghai night skyline, with dozens of high-rise apartment blocks visible.


In the background, dozens of screaming voices, seemingly from a number of different locations, can be heard simultaneously.


What appears to be a searchlight is being shone out of one of the apartment buildings.


The clip is just the latest disturbing video to emerge from Shanghai, where 26 million people have been forbidden from leaving their homes for five days.


On Saturday, starving shoppers were filmed looting a supermarket after only being granted paltry government food rations.


Other footage includes the sound of people screaming for food and medical supplies.


In horrific scenes, a pet corgi was filmed getting beaten to death by a health worker after its owner reportedly tested positive for COVID.


Children have been forcibly removed from their parents and kept in cages, as China’s government justifies the move as a way to control COVID-19 cases.


Chinese authorities at first planned a phased lockdown in eastern and western parts of the city on March 28.


Source: New York Post

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