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Germany: Greens call for war tax

The Greens want to tax companies more heavily that make more profits because of the Ukraine war.

Party leader Ricarda Lang proposes an "excess profit tax": "If it is obvious that some corporations are knowingly and above all making excessive profits from the horror of this war, then we should introduce an excess profit tax that actively counteracts that."

This tax would ensure “that they also participate financially, that we all get through this crisis well and above all with a stronger cohesion”.

FDP politician Katja Hessel (FDP) rejected the proposal: "Our companies are already being burdened several times: by the aftermath of the corona pandemic, high energy prices and collapsed supply chains," she said. "Instead of fueling uncertainty with debates about tax increases, we need to set the framework for new growth."

Lang countered: "We are experiencing a new era, which means that there shouldn't be any bans on thinking in this turning point."

The Greens had already put forward the idea of ​​an “excess profit tax” last year – at that time with a view to companies that had benefited from the corona pandemic.

Source: Bild

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