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When The Starting Point is Group Classification...

Written by John (the other John).

When The Starting Point is Group Classification (ex., by race, ethnicity, $€xual preference, etc...), the ending point has historically not gone well. Basically, in the preceding 6,000 years of recorded human history, whenever a government had classified/grouped people based on DNA or by $€xual preferences, it has resulted in discrimination, persecution, and violence. So being that this is the consistent historical precedent, then why should we believe that this time it will be different?[1] Why should their written/spoken word of altruism for group/identity classification take precedent over 6,000 years of sinister acts in human history?

Moreover with these people, being that their own acts of promoting and glorifying BLM violence whilst they constantly demonize people of an unfavourable DNA, then on what basis should any sane person find their assertion to being credible or sincere?

Alternatively, if we were to be starting history with a blank-slate, then perhaps I could go along with what they are saying because there would be no context or precedent for me to analyze. However, we do not have a blank-slate, but instead we have 6,000 years of recorded human history that counters their assertions (i.e. lies).



1. If anyone is aware of any occurrence in the past in which group classifications has been a long-term positive, then please let me know so I can correct this article.

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