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Lindsey Graham does not want to meet with Friedrich Merz because of his cancel culture

The meeting between CDU leader Friedrich Merz and the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham does not take place. The American declined the call after Merz canceled his participation in the "Transatlantic Forum" under pressure from the left and the media . But he still wanted to meet Graham, the German had previously assured. Nothing will come of it now. The US politician gives him a tough lesson.

Columnist Henryk M. Broder and media lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel will also speak at the event organized by the conservative think tank “The Republic” at the end of August. Because journalists and leftists do not like the two and Trump supporter Graham, representatives of these parties had asked Merz not to take part in the “Transatlantic Forum”. The CDU chairman has now complied.

Graham: Merz "no different than the left"
Bild reports that Graham then said: "I do not intend to meet Mr. Merz." The Republican punishes Merz's behavior. Conservatives would "not cancel each other before speaking". This is a hallmark of democratic and conservative principles. If you don't follow these values, "then we are no different from the left".

"Conservatives are about open, honest dialogue, where points of view are expressed and people sit down and listen to one another," Graham said. Since Merz does not heed this, he no longer wants to talk to him. The CDU leader had previously had his spokesman confirm: "Friedrich Merz was, is and will remain an appointment with Lindsey Graham when he comes to Berlin at the end of August. However, he will not be meeting Graham at The Republic's event."

Among other things, the deputy chairman of the Greens parliamentary group, Konstantin von Notz, had urged the CDU leader not to go there: “Anyone who takes part in such events makes themselves politically impossible. One can only hope that there are people around Friedrich Merz who will talk him out of participating until he has found his political compass again."

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