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When leftists discriminate against leftists: fight against dreadlocks

Zurich - Because he wears dreadlocks, the Austrian musician Mario Parizek is not allowed to perform in the Zurich cultural venue "Gleis". The left-wing operators canceled the concert at short notice due to "cultural appropriation". The artist was already in the bar when he found out about it.

According to the new ideology, only black people are allowed to wear dreadlocks and make reggae music. If white people do this, it is to be condemned. This justified the cancellation, said Parizek in a video on the social networks and made the incident public. He accuses the organizers from the left scene of a "more or less fascist attitude".

The irony of the story: he got his dreadlocks when he was 13 to protest against the law. He grew up "in a fairly right-wing village" and wanted to show the people there that there were other people, says Parizek in his video. "Today I'm discriminated by the left corner because of that."

At the end of July, the cancel culture had already met the reggae group "Lauwarm" for similar reasons. Their concert in Bern was canceled because they play Central American music, even though they are white. Some left band members also wore dreadlocks.

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