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Arab clans dispute in Berlin: shooting from BMW

Thursday evening, 7:15 p.m., in the middle of Berlin: A dark BMW X5 rolls through Pankstrasse in district of Wedding, Berlin and suddenly the passenger opens the window, aims a pistol at a window front and opens fire. Regardless of the losses, he empties the entire magazine, then the SUV races away - but now turned himself in to the police.

Clan shootout in which a 40 and a 49-year-old were injured
"Several shots were fired from a vehicle at the offices of an apartment building," says a police spokesman. More than four projectiles penetrated the double-glazed windows, one hit the 49-year-old's arm and another got stuck in his back. The 40-year-old suffered a graze on the head, above the right ear.

But why did this escalation of violence occur? The shooter himself could now bring light into the darkness! As the police announced together with the Berlin public prosecutor's office on Saturday, a 34-year-old turned himself in to the police.

He appeared in the presence of his legal counsel at the court on call in Tempelhof. A judge issued an arrest warrant for him for attempted murder.

Source: BZ
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