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The Netherlands: 31-year old trans man wants to be accepted into girls' soccer team

Lisse - The case of a transsexual person is currently moving the Netherlands. Born as a man, Jordy Schepers identifies as a woman and has wanted to be addressed by the female first name Majorlein for around two years. There is only one thing that Schepers is still missing: The 31-year-old transgender would like to pursue his hobby of playing football again, but with young teenage women in a regional team in the city of Lisse.

The transsexual sees no obstacle in her biological sex or the age difference. "I'm full of hormones and I feel like a fifteen-year-old girl," he recently told Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. In personal conversations, he also mentions a younger age than that stated on his ID card. This sometimes leads to confusion.

According to Schepers, he is fighting for acceptance because the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is checking whether the biological man is allowed to play on the underage team. The association fears for sporting fairness, as the native man potentially has a physical advantage.

Trans man changing clothes in women's locker room
According to Schepers, it is difficult to find a team that has no reservations. In Lisse he was allowed to change in the women's changing room for the first time. "This is the best gift I've ever been given."

The psychologist who looks after him speaks of emotional "torture" for Schepers. Presumably because of his hormone therapy, he has hip problems and is currently unable to pursue his hobby. Now he is "on the verge of burnout". The KNVB will meanwhile examine the first case of this kind in the history of the association.

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