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Germany: FDP foreign politician fears problems for the EU from Italy elections

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP) is concerned about a possible victory of Giorgia Meloni with her party Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d`Italia) in the new elections in Italy.

Berlin - "If she actually wins the elections, and the polls currently speak for it, that could cause us some problems in Europe and in foreign policy in the future," said the foreign policy expert to Munich Mercury. He was "nervous about European cohesion should Mrs. Meloni govern in Italy". He described her alliance partners, Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italie) and Matteo Salvini (Lega Nord), as "political wisps".

Nevertheless, with regard to the Russia-Ukraine war, he hopes "that Italy, no matter who governs, will support our policy in the Western alliance". Count Lambsdorff fears that the Russian invasion war in the Ukraine will continue for a long time. "There are many indications that Vladimir Putin will pursue his goal, namely the dismantling of the Ukrainian state and the destruction of the Ukrainian identity, for several years," said the FDP parliamentary group leader.

"Continued support for Ukraine, including with heavy weapons, is a prerequisite" for ending the war. According to Graf Lambsdorff, the United Nations, but also Turkey, Norway and Finland are possible mediators. "But Ukraine must decide when the time has come and to what extent negotiations will take place. That is why it must be able to make these decisions confidently. This requires further help from Germany and the other western countries."

Photo: BR Bayern 2.
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