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German government wants to bring more foreign workers - including those without formal qualifications

Politicians of the German government coalition want to bring more foreign workers to Germany - including those without formal qualifications.

Berlin - "We need more than professionals," said domestic politician Misbah Khan (Greens) to Welt (Thursday edition). "Sniffing at people who are not yet qualified is a misjudgment of the needs of the labor market." Khan called on the federal government to examine "whether the Western Balkans regulation can be transferred to other states".

According to this regulation, workers from the Western Balkans can come to Germany for employment purposes even if they have no formal education. The federal government had already announced that it would strive for an expansion. "It would make sense to start with states that already have networks," Khan said.

"Turkey or the Maghreb countries are possible. Why don't we say: In a first pilot for the Maghreb region, we will issue a four-digit contingent of residence permits for employment purposes? What should go wrong?" Ann-Veruschka Jurisch, domestic politician in the FDP parliamentary group, declared the Western Balkans regulation to be the "hidden champion" of the law on foreigners. She has the "great advantage" that she puts the decision about a foreign worker in the hands of the employer - as is also the case with nationals and EU foreigners.

Suitable candidates for expansion are countries such as Georgia, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa and Indonesia. The migration policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Lars Castellucci, said that the Western Balkans regulation was a "good model" to "dampen irregular migration and strengthen legal labor migration". However, he warned that appropriate integration offers should be made for the workforce.

"It is a task for our government to turn an immigration country into a good integration country." There are still "many unanswered questions," said Castellucci. Integration courses would have to be designed in such a way that they could also be used by workers.

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